Jadau Jewellery Manufacturing - Everything you should know about polki and jadau jewellery

Coming to the wedding season, it all starts with rituals such as haldi, mehandi and sangeet but for a bride these are incomplete without beautiful sets of jewel.

What is jadau jewellery?

For the first time Jadau was introduced by mughals which later were perfected and improved by the craftsman of bikaner (Rajasthan), which is now considered as the hub of jadau jewellery.

It is basically a technique of jewellery manufacturing where precious stones like uncut diamonds (polki), pearls, rubies and emeralds are studded into kundan.

There are 4 steps involved in making jadau jewellery -

1. Making the structure / Gadhayi : The first step of making jadau jewellery is creating structure of jewellery with gold strips. Ghaat (structure) of jadau jewellery can be made in 22K as well as 18K gold.

They are cut, coiled and shaped by the craftsmen and are probably the most important step to establish the foundation of jewellery.

2. Khudai and Meenakari : After defining the ghaat (structure) it goes to khudai and meenakari in next step. Khudai is besically etching design or pattern on the surface of jewellery. After Khudai, the engraved patterns on the gold surface are then filled with various colors.

In meenakari, to set the colors in the structure of jewellery it is heated and the process is been repeated many a times as the number of colors used.

3. Filling up soorma and gem setting: After the meenakari soorma is filled in the structure of jewellery in the next step. Soorma needs to be heated in order to fill it in the structure of the jewellery.

The gemstones will be attached to the structure after filling it with soorma. To attach a gemstone, we have to fill the soorma in the jewelery, without this we can not include the gemstones.

4. Jadai : After setting precious stones like polki, rubies and emeralds into the structure in last step jadai work needs to be done.

Jadai is the process of gem setting by inserting a gold foil (kundan) between the stones and the structure of jewellery.

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