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The Secret to Preserving the Beauty of Kundan & Jadau Polki Jewellery

Secret tips to take care of your kundan & polki jewellery

Jewellery, especially in India, is not just an occasional decorative piece that one dons to style up but is considered a symbol of pride and displays the country's culture.

Kundan jewellery is prized in any Indian jewellery collection and is frequently handed down lovingly through the ages as an heirloom. Kundan is a very delicate piece of jewellery. It is crafted in a very elaborate process.

Therefore the price of kundan jewellery is much more than other types of jewellery. So, this type of jewellery must be preserved in good condition to keep its brilliance for many years.

Each piece of kundan & jadau polki jewellery has 4 (four) layers.

  1. 18/22KT gold ghaat (structure) that builds the entire body of the jewellery.

  2. Uncut Diamond Polki, Moissanite Stone, or Glass which is a shiny surface that you reflect off the light.

  3. 24KT gold jadai or kundan keeps the polki or glass in it's position.

  4. Silver. Yes, you heard right. There's a shiny silver foil under each uncut diamond polki or moissanite stone surface.

Why Does Kundan & jadau polki jewellery turn black or red?

If you hold a silver ring or jewellery, You're aware that it turns black and needs re-polishing to get back shiny. Because silver metal always reacts with water, moisture, and such chemicals.

Likewise, in kundan jewellery, when the silver foil under polki or moissanite stone comes in contact with water and moisture, it turns black.

24KT gold is very soft and pure and will also turn red when it reacts with chemicals and moisture.

Therefore, the secret is to protect these two elements of kundan jewellery.

Kundan & Polki jewellery needs more attention towards maintaining them. There are some steps to clean and store Kundan jewellery.

Most useful recommendations to take care of Kundan Jewellery:

Below mentioned are some specific ways by which you can keep your jewellery in place for longer years.

  • If you want to preserve the quality of your precious Kundan jewellery, then make sure you remove your jewels before having a bath. Kundan jewellery is very delicate, soft, and natural and can easily bend or get scratched when you do not remove them while bathing, washing utensils and cleaning.

  • Everybody loves to swim, but remember that your Kundan jewellery never told you they want to enjoy swimming too. Before jumping into the water, make sure that you take off your jewellery because the chlorine in the swimming pool water tends to scratch or discolour your jewellery.

  • Do not apply perfumes, detergents, or water while wearing jewellery. Always remember you take off your jewellery while swimming, sleeping, having a bath, doing house chores, and cleaning.

  • Always store your Kundan jewellery in a plastic bag and air-tight jadau box. Wrap your jewellery in a butter paper pouch, which slows down the tarnishing process.

  • For cleaning your jewellery, soft polishing cloths are a great option. When exposed to liquid compounds in air or water, jewellery tarnishes and develops a black sulfide layer.

  • Jewellery can also become tarnished from lengthy storage. It takes a qualified cleaning specialist to remove tarnishing.

  • Avoid sprays like air fresheners, room sprays, perfumes, and hair sprays while wearing your kundan & polki jewellery.

  • Avoid storing your jewellery in cotton, velvet clothes, and other fancy boxes as they store moisture.

  • Avoid washing your hand or wet hands when you wear your kundan & polki bangles and rings.

  • Eraser is a magical cleaner for your kundan & polki jewellery. If the silver has tarnished, that needs professional help, but with an eraser, we can easily remove the reddening and tarnishing of the Kundan (24KT gold) at home.

Golden Rule– It's a good rule of thumb for everyone to put their jewellery on last when getting ready in the morning and take it off first before going to bed.

The packaging you should use to store your jewellery for a lengthy period:

  • Air-Tight Plastic Bags: To preserve the brilliance and shine of your priceless jewellery, wrap each piece of your polki jewellery in plastic bags which prevent moisture.

  • Butter-paper Pouches: After the first step, Put all the jewelled plastic bags in butter-paper pouches. If moisture appears, butter-papers will soak it.

  • Jadau Box: In the last step, put the butter paper pouches in an air-tight jadau jewellery box.

Oh, congratulations! Your kundan & jadau polki jewellery is perfectly shielded. :)

These are a few methods for protecting your precious stones so they can sparkle each time you accessorize with Kundan jewellery.

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I hope this helps you to preserve the beauty of kundan & jadau polki jewellery.


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