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Crafting Legacies: A Deeper Dive into Devendra Jewellers

At Devendra Jewellers, we believe that every piece of jewellery tells a unique story, and we're here to help you craft yours. As an esteemed Kundan and Polki jewellery manufacturer located in the vibrant city of Bikaner, we bring together tradition and modernity, offering you a curated selection of exquisite pieces that transcend time and trends.

Devendra Jewellers has been a cornerstone of the jewellery industry since 1996. With deep roots in the cultural heritage of Bikaner, we have evolved to become a trusted name swith uncompromising quality and breathtaking craftsmanship.

Devendra Jewellers is more than an e-commerce platform; it's a celebration of beauty, tradition, and the joy of self-expression. Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine the art of jewellery-making and bring you timeless pieces that resonate with your unique story.

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Why Devendra Jewellers?

The Best Manufacturing Unit of Polki, Kundan, and Jadau Jewellery

We had introduced our Manufacturing unit in Bikaner (Rajasthan), which is now considered as the hub of jadau jewellery. Jadau jewellery is basically a technique of jewellery manufacturing where precious stones like uncut diamonds (polki), pearls, rubies and emeralds are studded into kundan to provide you a perfect jewellery for your loved ones . We are the intermediator for loved ones Since 1996 .

We provide a wide collection of Jadau necklaceJadau bangleJadau hathphoolJadau earringsJadau pendant and  Kundan Meena Polki Jewellery which is a epitome of traditional polki and jadau jewellery for the modern Indian bride at the timing of their most precious time which is their ring ceremony or wedding.

Discover Your Perfect Piece:

Browse our online store to discover a diverse range of jewellery that caters to all occasions and tastes. Whether you are drawn to the timeless allure of Kundan or the contemporary elegance of Polki, we have something to complement every style.

Customization at Your Fingertips:

Shop with Confidence:

Impeccable Craftsmanship:

Devendra Jewellers is among the finest manufacturer when it comes to provide one of the best jewellery for your dear ones. Our designs have been crafted by highly experienced craftsmen who know how we can add more love to this jewellery.

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